Drystone dyking training day

Castletown Heritage Society operates the Castlehill Heritage Centre as an educational resource for visitors, local students and school children and the local community. Through a programme of interpretive exhibitions and interactive workshops, we seek to stimulate and sustain interest in and understanding of the history, heritage, vernacular skills, biodiversity and physical environment of Castletown and the parish of Olrig. Our aim is to preserve and maintain the unique heritage of our community within both local Caithness and broader Highland contexts.

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Guided village walk


All events take place in Castlehill Heritage Centre unless otherwise stated

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Re-opening of Castlehill Heritage Centre - Latest Update

The current ‘roadmap’ published by the Scottish Government permits visitor attractions such as Castlehill Heritage Centre to re-open from the 26th of April, subject to appropriate Covid compliant arrangements being in place. Castletown Heritage Society has been working towards implementing adapted operating procedures, both physical and administrative, to ensure that the risks are manageable and that our volunteers are comfortable with manning the Centre and interfacing with the visiting public.

The safety and well-being of our volunteers and visitors is our number one priority however, and we have adopted a measured, cautious approach with the beginning of June as a working target for re-opening. To minimise risk to our volunteers it is likely we will open initially on a one day a week basis, possibly with slightly extended hours.

In the meantime we are actively working to increase online accessibility to our extensive collection of artefacts, photographs and accumulated local heritage knowledge - watch the news page for the latest information regarding on-line YouTube videos and podcasts!

Information on the re-opening of the Centre and restart of activities will be published on this website in due course. In the meantime, the Society will endeavour to respond normally to emailed or postal inquiries about the social and industrial heritage of Castletown and the Parish of Olrig.



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The Roaring 20s?

An exhibition exploring the day to day life in the village of Castletown and the parish of Olrig during the 1920s. It was a time of great social change, from politics and education, to transport, entertainment and domestic life. A fascinating glimpse into the lives of our forebears 100 years ago, with artefacts, news articles and personal reminiscences.


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WWII Rolls-Royce Me